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So i installed XMAPP to view my php site im developing for a php mysql class at my local college and I ran aground hours ago and have been searching frantically for answers since. whenever i try to view my site all i see is this

" . $row'tid' . ""; echo $id; $thisName = "\n
" . $row'fname' . " " . $row'lname' ."
"; echo $thisName; $description = "\n
" . nl2br($row'description') . "
"; echo $description; echo ""; } include ("footer.php"); ?> 

or something similar. we host on a local server that has everything we need but cannot access it from our homes. I was wondering if anyone could lend me a hand?


It looks like you have an echo statement where you’re using a single quote to open a string but not close it. For instance:

echo '" . $row'tid' . ""; echo $id; $thisName = "

Go search in your source for something like this. I’d bet that this is your error.

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