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I created an flv video player using Flash Builder 4. This “BasicVideoPlayer” project is compiled into a SWC that will be eventually be used to create other video players that extend the functionality. One of the features is a view that appears when the video has finished playing that displays a “Play Again” button. This “Play Again” view has its own class, “BasicPlayAgain”, that accepts a graphic asset that is exported from a .fla file that contains all of the graphic/UI assets.

In my new project, “EnhancedVideoPlayer”, I’m using the BasicVideoPlayer SWC as a library to create a new video player that will add more functionality to the “Play Again” view; specifically it will add more buttons to that view.

The EnhancedVideoPlayer uses a default class that extends the BasicVideoPlayer class. The BasicVideoPlayer class has a member called “playAgainScreen” whose type is BasicPlayAgain. The EnhancedVideoPlayer needs to override the playAgain member and recast it as EnhancedPlayAgain so it can control the new buttons properly.

How do I go about overriding the playAgain member as a new type? Or am I approaching this from the wrong direction?


One possible solution is if the EnhancedPlayAgain object extends BasicPlayAgain, you could still store it in the playAgainScreen variable, and then cast back to EnhancedPlayAgain as needed.


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