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Firebug looks not capable to check js syntax error…

Is there any good way to do that?

Currently I just wrote a js but the firebug didn’t show any error but the functionality is totally broken.


Firebug does do it. Make sure that you have JavaScript Console enabled, you can do so by clicking the Console dropdown and from their select Enabled. You need to press F12 key to open firebug and once you refresh the page, you will see any errors you have in your script in the firebug js console.

If you are using Firefox, you can also press Contr+Shift+J to open firefox’s error dialog.


are you sure Firebug is turned on? If it’s on, the little bug in the lower right is colored brown. if it’s not on, the bug is gray.

also, I find that Web Inspector in Safari/Chrome is better.

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