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I am using ajax to load pages on my website.
Each time a page is loaded I change the url in the browser to


by setting it through window.loaction using javascript

Now what I want to do is when someone comes to my website by entering the url


he should automatically get redirected to


This is somewhat that happens on facebook too.

Can someone help me out with the required .htaccess code to achieve the same.

Thanks in advance


I don’t think anything past the # symbol in your URL is even visible on the server side. So htaccess, php, etc won’t even know the hash is there to begin with. I think in order to pull this off you’re going to have to use a client side redirect.

window.onload = function(){
  // First we use a regex to check for the #! pattern in the hash     
    // If we found a match, use substring to remove the #! and do a redirect
    window.location = window.location.hash.substring(2);

This example will redirect the user immediately on page load. Unfortunately doing a redirect in this manner won’t help the search engines to reindex your site, but thats just one of the pitfalls of using fancy javascript or hash based URL’s.

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