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I’ve been reading a lot about .NET’s step into the MVC framework. I’ve tried the example applications too. However, I’ve been a java programmer for a while. So without having any knowledge of c# it gets difficult to understand the MVC applications.

What would you guys suggest is the best resource to get up and running with c# and then dive into the the cool MVC world.

For a long time, I’ve not liked because of its cumbersome hoch poch structure.


Head first C# is a very good book which you can go through, to get a good grasp on C# and once you’ve got the basics of C# right (which shouldn’t take you long, since you come from a Java background), Go through Stephen Walther’s blog, His blog is the best resource to learn ASP.NET MVC. Another good resource for learning ASP.NET MVC is the site, This site collects the aggregation of most of the resources on MVC, And lastly don’t forget to watch the dimecasts (screencasts) for ASP.NET MVC.


Rob Conery’s MVC storefront screencast series is excellent. He takes you through the entire process of building a functional MVC application with a focus on TDD and Agile design.

Also have a look at Nerd Dinner – the complete source code is available.


I find that video sessions, tutorials and articles work fine. Until you start coding in the real world.

My recommendation would be start by creating a blog engine, it’s simple and you will hit those edge cases that you won’t see when following a book, video, etc.


To start with C# I recommend you .Net book Zero by Charles Petzold (free)

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