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strRegex = New StringBuilder
strRegex.Append("<td class=""\s\w\W*?"">(?<strTKOWins>^<+)\s*?<span  
                Regex = New System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(strRegex.ToString, 
Matches = Regex.Match(results, strRegex.ToString)

This is my code. I want to match:

? what ? Please insert here what you want to match

The problem is that after the end of the SPAN tag, I want to skip everything inside the Table Cell and skip all the way to the end tag </td>

How can I do that?


i have no idea what you are trying to do. but this regex will find a tablecell, with a span inside of it then go to its corresponding closing tag. fill in all the specifics you need to and change it how you need to….

for eg,


<td class="td class"> anything at all in here?! <span class="span class">span text</span>text in the tablecell?</td>



no idea what all this “strTKOWins” crap is or whether you want specific stuff in your span found?


guess i cant really help until you respond anyways….

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