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My BlackBerry app opens BB Browser to display a web page for users.

There is BlackBerry KB doc “How to – Invoke the browser” on how to do it.

The doc says there are the following types of transports to choose:

public static final int SERVICE_RECORD_CONFIG_TYPE_WAP  = 0;
public static final int SERVICE_RECORD_CONFIG_TYPE_BES  = 1;
public static final int SERVICE_RECORD_CONFIG_TYPE_WIFI = 3;
public static final int SERVICE_RECORD_CONFIG_TYPE_BIS  = 4;
public static final int SERVICE_RECORD_CONFIG_TYPE_WAP2 = 7;

My question is how can I use Direct TCP. Probably there is some SERVICE_RECORD_CONFIG_DIRECT_TCP value?


If I simply get the default BrowserSession by Browser.getDefaultSession(), it uses BES/MDS transport.


The Browser transport can only use service records of the “BrowserConfig” type. I doubt there is a BrowserConfig service record for Direct TCP – I don’t think I’ve seen the capability in any BlackBerry I’ve worked with. You can take a look at all the BrowserConfig service records on your device, but I doubt you’ll find one for the Direct TCP transport.

From the comments in the code provided by the link you referenced:

There are 5 different browing models available: WAP, BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), WiFi, BlackBerry Unite!

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