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How to write an extension method that should check value of the object,if object is null then
it should return null otherwise value{without doing casting at receiving end}.

something like…

public static object GetDefault(this object obj)
    if (obj == null) return null;
    else return obj;

I mean without casting can i check for null?

int? a=a.GetDefault();

ContactType type=type.GetDefault();   For EnumType

string  s=a.GetDefault()


This should work:

public static class ExtensionMethods
    public static T GetObject<T>(this T obj, T def)
        if (default(T).Equals(obj))
            return def;
            return obj;

I’ve added a parameter def because I expected you to want to return this default value when obj is null. Otherwise, you can always leave out the T def parameter and return null instead.

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