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A struct timeval is 64 bit long. I need, for a project, to convert this long (struct timeval) into two 32 bit chunks, and put each chunk into a different variable. How do I do this?
Thanx in advance.


uint32_t* values = &timevalstruct;

// depends on endianess

uint32_t v1 = values0;
uint32_t v2 = values1;


As an addition to leppie’s answer:

union tvs
    struct timeval tv;
    struct ints {
        uint32_t v1;
        uint32_t v2;

tvs t;
t.tv = timevalstruct;
uint32_t v1 = tv.ints.v1;
uint32_t v2 = tv.ints.v2;

if you dont want to deal with pointers.


See this :

Can you use tv_sec and tv_usec fields of the timeval structure?


struct timeval tv;
uint32_t seconds = tv.tv_sec;
uint32_t micros = tv.tv_usec;

There you go, separated into 32-bit integers.

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