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Is there any way you can implement inheritance in Reporting Services? I would like to have a master report, that contains the standard header and footer + some info in the beginning of the report, as well as containing some report parameters. Then I would like to create a new report that inherits the master reports design and then I could add spesific content to that report. Then if I needed to change a header logo or something, I could just alter the master report and that change would propagate to all inherited reports. I’m looking for similar functionality as the asp.net masterpage gives on websites.

Is this at all possible using Reporting Services 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and c# ? Or is there any workarounds that could help me achieve this?

I render all reports to pdf by the way.


I had the same problem – but could not solve it in the given time so I put all the header, footer and sidebar information I needed on every report in subreports and integrated the subreports on all needed reports.

it’s a very quick and dirty – copy-paste solution but it works now.


you should be able to achieve this using sub reports

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