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I just got stuck with the following C++ compiler error:

no matching function for call "EPTDerivedException::HandleClass( BaseClass& )"
candidates are: void EPTDerivedException::HandleClass( DerivedClass )

I cannot explain this, because there should be a function HandleClass( BaseClass ). This is the calling code:

BaseClass oBase;
EPTDerivedException* pException2 = new EPTDerivedException;
pException2->HandleClass( oBase );

And this is the code for EPTDerivedException:

class EPTDerivedException : public EPTException
    // generic function
    void HandleClass( DerivedClass oClass ) { Q_UNUSED(oClass); }

And for the base class:

class EPTException
    EPTException( QString strName );
    // specialized function
    void HandleClass( BaseClass oBase ) { Q_UNUSED(oBase); }
    QString m_strName;

The strange things is also, that when I recompile (make clean; make) the code, I get the error message. If I add a space ” ” in the calling code (main.cpp) – the compiling afterwards is successful – and I have no idea why…

Thanks a lot,


PS: I use gcc 4.4.5 with Debian Squeeze, the qt-creator as IDE with qt 4.6 – but this problem is independent from Qt.


I’m not sure why you think there should be a EPTDerivedException::HandleClass( BaseClass oBase ) function. There’s no such declaration.

Perhaps you need to add using EPTException::HandleClass; to EPTDerivedException ?

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