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I have a file called o.FileName it has a unwanted “.crash” at the end of it, how can I remove it? I tryed “o.FileName = o.FileName – “.crash”;” it didn’t work because it was a string

Edit: What I want to do is open a file with a OpenFileDialog then if it has a .crash or a .crash.crash at the end of it remove it and save it


Was the ‘o.’ the object reference?:

o.Filename = o.Filename.Replace(".crash", "");


filename = filename.Replace(".crash", "");

To actually rename the physical file:

File.Move(originalFilename, renamedFilename);


Check that the string actually ends with “.crash” using the System.String.EndsWith() method. Drop the trailing “.crash” using System.String.Replace().

    o.Filename = o.Filename.Replace(".crash", "");

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