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Can anyone explain why the following occurs:

String.Format(null, "foo") // Returns foo
String.Format((string)null, "foo") // Throws ArgumentNullException:
                                   // Value cannot be null. 
                                   // Parameter name: format



Its calling a different overload.

string.Format(null, "");  
public static string Format(IFormatProvider provider, string format, params object args);

MSDN Method Link describing above.

string.Format((string)null, "");
//Calls (and this one throws ArgumentException)
public static string Format(string format, object arg0);

MSDN Method Link describing above.


Because which overloaded function is called gets determined at compile time based on the static type of the parameter:

String.Format(null, "foo")

calls String.Format(IFormatProvider, string, params Object) with an empty IFormatProvider and a formatting string of “foo”, which is perfectly fine.

On the other hand,

String.Format((string)null, "foo")

calls String.Format(string, object) with null as a formatting string, which throws an exception.

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