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I need to place several instances of a custom QPushButton subclass adjacent to one another. For some reason, the buttons overlap one another when painted. A simplified example of the problem is below.

Here is the (incorrect) output:


Here is the code:

#include <QtGui>

class MyButton : public QPushButton {
  explicit MyButton(Qt::GlobalColor color, QWidget *parent = NULL)
    : QPushButton(parent), color_(color) {
    setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Fixed, QSizePolicy::Fixed);
  QSize sizeHint() const {
    return QSize(50, 25);
  void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *) {
    QPainter painter(this);
    painter.fillRect(0, 0, width(), height(), color_);
  Qt::GlobalColor color_;

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
  QApplication app(argc, argv);
  QWidget widget;
  QHBoxLayout *layout = new QHBoxLayout;
  MyButton *w1 = new MyButton(Qt::red);
  MyButton *w2 = new MyButton(Qt::green);
  MyButton *w3 = new MyButton(Qt::blue);
  return app.exec();

What is causing this, and how do I fix it? BTW, I tried something similar with regular QWidget subclasses (instead of QPushButton subclasses), and there is no problem. It is something peculiar to QPushButton.

UPDATE: I’m really thinking now that this is a bug. I submitted it to the Qt Bug Tracker; we’ll see what the Trolls think. In any case, deriving from QAbstractButton fixes the drawing problem … I just had to re-implement some of the functionality I needed.

UPDATE 2: The Trolls at Qt provided a solution (workaround?); I posted their fix as an answer below. I’m leaving it up to their team to determine if this is a feature or bug. It apparently only behaves differently on the Mac.


The solution is to add the following to the subclass:


Apparently it is only necessary on the Mac platform; Windows and Linux display the layout as expected.


Instead of calling setSizePolicy() and reimplement sizeHint(), I would try to simply call

setFixedSize(50, 25)

in your constructor. This should update the sizeHint on its own.

Hope this helps.


Your code works fine for me. I have tested it. What version you use? I use Qt 4.6.3 and it is fine.

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