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i have a problem with my code 😉

hFind = FindFirstFileEx( szPath, FindExInfoMaxInfoLevel, &FindData, FindExSearchNameMatch, NULL , 0);

strncpy_s( pszFileName, 280, FindData.cFileName, strlen(FindData.cFileName));

everything seems fine but when i copy the executable to another computer (windows 2003) i get
But for pszFileName i get really strange output


Specifying FindExInfoMaxInfoLevel is incorrect. The MSDN Library says:


This value is used for validation. Supported values are less than this value.

In addition, from your usage of FindFirstFileEx, I cannot see why you do not use the simpler FindFirstFile function.


There’s not enough code to diagnose the problem, especially without any evidence of error checking. However, there is something really smelly in what you posted. Your call to strncpy_s() says that pszFileName is a pointer to an array with 280 elements. Where did that number come from? Is it just a guess? It can never be more than 260 on Windows, why is it more? I suspect that when you make this a real number, like an argument passed to your function, instead of a guess that you’ll fix the problem as well.


You shuold not use the output fields in FindData without first checking that hFind is valid. From the MSDN docs:

If the function fails or fails to
locate files from the search string in
the lpFileName parameter, the return
value is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE and the
contents of lpFindFileData are

Thus you should have (after fixing other problems in your API call described in the answers here):

hFind = FindFirstFileEx( szPath, /* replace FindExInfoMaxInfoLevel here */, 
    &FindData, FindExSearchNameMatch, NULL , 0);
  strncpy_s( pszFileName, 280, FindData.cFileName, strlen(FindData.cFileName));

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