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I would like to write Nodes like


(with start and end tag) into a QDomDocument.

When I create QDomElements and append them as child to a parent element:

QDomElement node = doc.createElement("node");

They are added as


to the parent element. The parent automatically gets a start and end tag so the file would look like this:


But how do I add a value to my node so that it looks like I want it (with value between start and end tag). Adding a new QDomElement as child to node it would just look like . Adding attribute would show up like ?

Would be great if anyone could help me! Thanks!


Create a text node using DOM Document, and add it to your newly created element as a child:

QDomElement node = doc.createElement("name");
// Now, add a text element to your node
node.appendChild( doc.createTextNode( "Peter"));

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