Clearcase viewname.tmp folder deletion – Education Career Blog

My ClearCase storage location has something like viewname.tmp folders, I believe they got created for my views.

I would like to know how can I delete those .tmp folders from my storage location (eg : \\server1\views\username).
If I do with delete button then “Access denied” message is coming.


A view storage ending with .tmp (/path/to/myview.vws.tmp) is only created during a rmview, in order to make the view storage directory immediately unavailable.

It can linger on if there some sort of conflict due to:

  • an anti-virus software (see this technote)
  • a cross-platform access (windows => linux through samba, as described in this thread)

If the lsview myview states the view doesn’t exist anymore, you can safely get rid of that view storage once you figured you what is blocking it from being deleted.
Or you can also simply leave it here: it won’t harm the creation of new ClearCase views.

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