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I know with dynamic linq you can construct expressions dynamically in the same way that you might build and execute a dynamic SQL statement – e.g. a dynamic where clause or a dynamic select list. Is it possible to do this in cases where the schema is not known at compile time?

In a database I’m working with users can define their own entities which causes new tables/columns to be created in the back-end database. At run time I’ll know the table & column names I need to work with but I won’t know the schema at compile time hence I can’t build a DBML to work with up front.

Is there any facility for the dynamic discovery of the schema at run time or is this a case where I need to stick with building dynamic SQL statements?


As far as we understand, you don’t know neither schema name nor the full structure of your schema for sure.
In this case it seems that the strongly-typed ExecuteQuery method overload will be an option.
Just write the SQL queries and add the necessary parameters (like table and column names) either using string concatenation or as parameters.

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