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We use subversion, which works great for software projects. We also have a lot of flash projects, which we don’t use any kind of source control. Each flash project contain quite a few images. The time frame of each project is a couple weeks, but few can go upto a couple months.

The number of files we create contribute to quite a bit of file size. To keep repository size at a minimum, we want to keep the latest version only and wipe out previous history once a project is finished. History is useless to us after a project is finished.

It looked into subversion, but it doesn’t allow to remove anything from the repository. I need to perform this workaround here.

One easy way is creating a separate repository for each project. When the project is over, save the latest version to archive and wipe out the repository. The number of active projects is about 50 – 100. Is there any issue with creating one repository per project?

Or is there other source control system support this feature?



I can’t understand why the history is useless after finishing a project. When are your projects finished? After the release? Are your products error free? …

However, I can see no problems with one repository per project – this should be the easiest approach – and there is no need for changing the vcs.

Also this article might be interesting for you: Delete parts of subversion history

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