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I am developed application with google map in android 2.2 version using eclipse and that case I can get the google map as well as the location perfectly.

but now i have to run that same apps in Xp machine with android 2.1 version It run properly but the google map not displayed ,only white screen with boxes displayed.

Reason for this running in xp is i have to run that application in android device.I have android 2.1 device in samsung ,This only support XP not supporting ubuntu.

So any one help me what are the changes i have to include in my application that will run in android 2.1 in Xp machine.


You are running unsigned builds of your apk on the emulator. The Maps API key you are using must have been derived from the debug certificate of the 2.2 SDK on your Ubuntu machine. You will need to generate a different key for the 2.1 SDK on your XP machine. See this SDK article for more information on how to do this.

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