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I appear to be missing something here so I’m hoping someone can point at the place I should be looking.
I have a google map on my HTML page that I am manipulating to load markers and add markers on click, now I want a search box so people can search for the general area before they click to add a location.
I am reading the Google Maps API developers guide but I can’t seem to find how to do this..
I know I must be missing it so can someone point me in the right direction!

Thanks so much in advance and sorry for the silly question!



It’ll be Geocoding that you’ll want… It’s the process of asking google for the location.

Here is a great example of Geocoding provided in the Sample code.

Looking in the developer’s guide for Geocoding will give you plenty of results; I agree with you though, it can be a little difficult to find what you want. It’s under the “Services” section in the guide

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