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How can we remove html tag by using Jquery e.g we have this html

<div><dd>hello world</dd></div>

i want to remove <dd> tag and produce this output

<div>hello world</div>


You can use .replaceWith(), for example:

$("dd").replaceWith(function() { return $(this).contents(); });

You can test it out here.


To remove all child nodes, retaining only the text, could also try:

$("div").html(function(i, h){ return $(h).text(); });

I forked @Nick Craver’s jsFiddle here.


here’s what I use. though mind you this works only if you give the div a class (or id).

var string = $('div.test').html().replace('<dd>', '').replace('</dd>', '')

What this will do is simply put the contents of the div into a variable (with .html() you grab not just the text but all the html) and then strip out the dd tags, then repopulate the


here’s a better way to do it actually. using this code you don’t have to rely on a class or id being present for the div.

    container = $('div').find('dd').parent();
    var test = container.html().replace('<dd>', '').replace('</dd>', '')


You could always make an if statement that checks to see if a div contains one dd element inside of it, then if that’s the case, copy the contents from the dd, remove the dd element, then inject the contents into the div.

I don’t know javascript that much, but assuming you use the right object and some simple algorithm, anything can be done!

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