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I am developing a program that use DirectShow to grab audio data from
media files. DirectShow use thread to pass audio data to the callback
function in my program, and I let that callback function call another
function in Python.

I use Boost.Python to wrapper my library, the callback function :

class PythonCallback {
    object m_Function;
    PythonCallback(object obj)
        : m_Function(obj)

    void operator() (double time, const AudioData &data) {
        // Call the callback function in python
        m_Function(time, data);


Here comes the problem, a thread of DirectShow calls my
PythonCallback, namely, call the function in Python. Once it calls, my
program just crash. I found this should be threading problem. Then I
found this document:

It seems that my program can’t call to Python’s function from thread
directly, because there is Global Interpreter Lock. The python’s GIL
is so complex, I have no idea how it works. I’m sorry, what I can do
is to ask. My question is. What should I do before and after I call a
Python function from threads?

It may looks like this.

void operator() (double time, const AudioData &data) {
    // acquire lock
    m_Function(time, data);
    // release lock

Victor Lin.


Take a look at PyGILState_Ensure()/PyGILState_Release(), from PEP 311

Here is an example taken from the PEP itself:

void SomeCFunction(void)
    /* ensure we hold the lock */
    PyGILState_STATE state = PyGILState_Ensure();
    /* Use the Python API */
    /* Restore the state of Python */


Have the c++ callback place the data in a queue. Have the python code poll the queue to extract the data.

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