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Well i want to input a python function as an input in run time and execute that part of code ‘n’ no of times. For example using tkinter i create a textbox where the user writes the function and submits it , also mentioning how many times it wants to be executed. My program should be able to run that function as many times as mentioned by the user.

Ps: i did think of an alternative method where the user can write the program in a file and then i can simply execute it as python filename as a system cmd inside my python program , but i dont want it that way.


That’s what execfile() is for.

  1. Create a temporary file.

  2. Write the content of the textbox into the file.

  3. Close.

  4. Execfile.

  5. Delete when done.


Python provides number of ways to do this using function calls:
– eval()
– exec()

For your needs you should read about exec.


Would IPython do?


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