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As I’m rolling out my Flex app to Beta I realized that I need to know about any exception that happens in Flex Side. But as it runs on users machines I don’t get to see them.

Is there a way to make Flex send email every time an exception happens?


It looks possible with the help of some action script library:

Sending Error Reports via Email from Flash, Flex, Air


You can try SMTPMailer.

Flex/AIR: Sending email with embedded image.. how?


We had this problem in an internal Flex application.

Instead of automatically sending the email, we created a pop-up that contained a mailto link. The link contained a email body that had the error included.

This may not work for you, but allows your users to choose if they submit the error to you or not, which can help prevent privacy issues.

This approach also allows you to communicate with your user and get more details or let them know when the problem is fixed.

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