I’m trying to write a function for postgresql to do some string manipulation – Education Career Blog

The purpose of the function is to take a string and, if it contains parens, delete everything in the parens. Here’s what I have:

CREATE FUNCTION clearmethodparams(IN qname text) RETURNS text AS
  IF position($o$($o$ in qname) = 0 THEN
    return qname;
    return substring(qname from 0 for position($p$($p$ in qname)) || $c$)$c$;

The error it keeps giving me is

ERROR: syntax error at or near “IF”
LINE 3: IF position($o$($o$ in qname) = 0

I’ve been trying to find some good documentation on function syntax, but nothing so far has been helpful.


You need to “convert” the function from an SQL function to a PL/pgSQL one – replace “LANGUAGE sql” with “LANGUAGE plpgsql” in your CREATE FUNCTION statement. Also you will need to “wrap” your code in a proper block.

OTOH you could probably achieve the same with an SQL function, e.g. with some clever user of CASE or similar.

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