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I have two projects, A and B. They were poorly divided, because A had to run one part before B and another part after B. So I decided to merge them. B’s contents were copied into A’s working directory, committed, and work continued from there.

Of course, B’s history was not preserved in the copy-paste. I want to fix this before it’s forgotten and bites someone later.

How can I modify A’s repository’s history to show an import from B’s repository?

I think I need to introduce a new root node, copy B’s stuff onto that root, then replace the ‘add new files’ commit with ‘merge rooted B into A’. I have no idea how to do any of those.


It sounds like you want to do a subtree merge.


You have to first do a subtree merge onto the commit before the copy-paste, then rebase the following commits onto the result of the merge. Make sure you remember the –preserve-merges switch for rebase, or the two trees will end up interleaved instead of merged.


'(First, write down the ids of the current head and the commit before the copy paste)'
'(Second, do this on a copy of the repository in case you make a mistake)'

#Set the head to the commit before the copy paste (and checkout that commit)
git reset idOfCommitBeforeCopyPaste --hard

#Merge-in the master branch from the other repository, using magic
git remote add -f otherName other/repository/path
git merge -s ours --no-commit otherName/master
git read-tree --prefix=otherName/ -u otherName/master
git commit -m "Subtree merge from other"

'(Now you many want to move some files and do a commit)'
'(Write down the id of the current head, which is the result of the merge)'

#Apply all following commits to become equivalent to the up-to-date commit, and checkout
git reset headIdFromBeforeWeStarted --hard
git rebase mergeCommitId --preserve-merges

'(You may have conflicts; resolve them in the normal way then rebase --continue)'
'(To verify you did not change the present, compare the resulting working directory)'

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