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I don’t know how to use XPath so I can parse the result of the XML I got from JAX-RS and put it into an ArrayList or something, here’s the code I have so far, it generates a String… but I want to be able to use XPath to parse it, as it’s better to parse XML rather than parsing String.

private Client client = Client.create();
    private List<String> venueName = new ArrayList<String>();

    private String getNearbyVenues(double lattitude, double longitude){
        WebResource webResource = client.resource("");
        MultivaluedMap<String, String> queryParams = new MultivaluedMapImpl();
        queryParams.add("geolat", String.valueOf(lattitude));
        queryParams.add("geolong", String.valueOf(longitude));
        return webResource.queryParams(queryParams).get(String.class);

The result goes something like this


Below is an answer of mine to another question that explains how to use the Java SE javax.xml.xpath libraries:

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