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I’m trying to create a Regex with jQuery so it will search for two words in an attribute of an XML file.

Can someone tell me how to return a result that contains BOTH words (sport and favorite) in any order and any case (upper or lower case)?

var regex = new RegExp("sport favorite", 'i');

var $result = $(data).filter(function() {
                    if($(this).attr('Description')) {
                        return $(this).attr('Description').match(regex);


If they may be separated by any character, you could do it like this:

var regex = new RegExp(".*sport.+favorite.*|.*favorite.+sport.*", 'i'); 

(This assumes that no other word in the attribute contains the substring favorite or sport.)


var regex = new RegExp("sport favorite|favorite sport", 'i'); 


The “\b” marker can be used to “match” the edges of words, so

var regex = /\bsport\b.*\bfavorite\b|\bfavorite\b.*\bsport\b/i;

matches the words only as words, and (for example) won’t match “sporting his favorite hat”.

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