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I have a WP Blog with a few DIVs generated through PHP loops. I would like to be able to show additional about a DIV when someone clicks on it.

The code looks like this:

<div class="story item-1">
<div class="story item-2">
<div class="story item-3">
<div class="story item-4">

(etc. Could be any number of these.)

Clicking on one of the items above should make one of the following appear:

<div class="data preview-1">
<div class="data preview-2">
<div class="data preview-3">
<div class="data preview-4">

I’m doing the following:

$('.story').click( function() {
  var getNum   =  jQuery(this).attr('class');
  alert('hi ' + getNum);

But how do extract the “number” value (1,2,3,4,etc.) of the item I just clicked into a variable? If I can get that into a variable such as “num” I can then easily use jQuery .hide and .show to perform actions. What I have so far gets the entire class value. Just need the number from the second class.

I’d appreciate any help! Thanks!


I’d .split() on the hyphen, and .pop() the last item (the number) off the resulting array. Then .show() the appropriate preview.

$('.story').click( function() {
    var getNum = this.className.split('-').pop();
    $('.data.preview-' + getNum).show();


Of course you could use string manipulation to pull out the id, but I propose a better solution:

On DOMReady, loop through all the div’s, and assign an index to the elements using jQuery’s lightweight data storage mechanism, .data():

Disclaimer: untested

$(document).ready(function() {
   $('div.story').each(function(index) {
      $.data(this, "num", index);

Then you can pull it out in your click:

$('.story').click( function() {
  var getNum   =  $.data(this, "num");
  alert('hi ' + getNum);

That’s just an example, you may end up needed extra metadata, and you can bind whatever you want to the elements, and use them later.


$('.story').click(function() {
    var index = /item-(\d)/.exec($(this).attr('class'))1 - 1;

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