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I am getting an IQueryable from my database and then I am getting another IQueryable from that first one -that is, I am filtering the first one.
My question is -does this affect performance? How many times will the code call the database? Thank you.


DataContext _dc = new DataContext();

IQueryable offers =
(from o in _dc.Offers
select o);

IQueryable filtered =
(from o in offers
select new { ... } );

return View(filtered);


The code you have given will never call the database since you’re never using the results of the query in any code.

IQueryable collections aren’t filled until you iterate through them…and you’re not iterating through anything in that code sample (ah, the beauty of lazy initialization).

That also means that each of those statements will be executed as its own query against the database which results in no performance cost over doing two completely independent queries.


SO is not a replacement for developer tools. There are many good free tools able to tell you exactly what this code translates into and how it works. Use Reflector on this method and look at what code is generated and reason for yourself what is going on from there.

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