macos – Do OS X applications written in Mono have the same features as MonoTouch? – Education Career Blog

What I mean by this is:

  • MonoTouch integrates and binds to Interface Builder and the full Cocoa Framework.
  • MonoTouch applications compile with the runtime, so there is no JIT, and no runtime needs to be present on the host OS.

Can OS X applications written in Mono take advantage of these MonoTouch features?


The new “MonoMac” is a wrapper to the native Cocoa libraries, just like MonoTouch, and integrates with Interface Builder.

I don’t know if you can do full AOT to get rid of the JIT (since there’s very little point on a full computer), but a runtime will be required just as it is for MonoTouch. What it comes down is whether the runtime is separate or bundled with your application like MonoTouch.

I think with today’s Mac App Store announcement, you will see Mono move towards making Mac bundles that are full contained easier.

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