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I have one Windows Service/Application running silently on the PC, when user starts any program , i need to count the time and close it down (program) in 15 Minutes. Even when the user close down the particular program ( say winword.exe) with in 15 min, and reopen it… the program should automatically close on 15 th minute…


There are two ways I think you may acheive this
1. Manual polling of applications started using EnumProcessModules and terminate them using TerminateProcess and
2. Using Dll injection using App_Init registry

I’ll talk a little more about number 2.
When you place your dll name in the following registry value in AppInit_DLLs in the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows, you can make the dll load with almost every application that launches. You could write a 15 min timer in the dllmain of your injected dll and do exitprocess() when it elapses, eventually taking down the entire process.

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