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6 months ago , i was asked to make a database access for our project that has around 30 tables ,( using the Data transfer object pattern ) . we were using Microsoft’s sql server back then. so i had to write a script that automatically generates the DAO’s and DTO’s.( automatically build classes, name them appropriately according tables , and then write the query inside the functions ) , save it as .py and put it in the right folder — it’s only text processing anyway —.

now the management decided to change the databases to mysql. and i am wondering , is there any already made DAO generators for mysql in python ?? because i seen something like this in java. this will save me lot of work .
Please inform me if anything was unclear

i use python 2.6 , linux fedora (i have windows machine too ).

thanks in advance

Moayyad Yaghi


If you’re looking for an ORM, then SQLAlchemy and Storm are popular choices.


There is something you are looking for Python 3.6+

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