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I’ve replaced someone at this company, and he was their SourceSafe guy. He kind of sucked at it, but he knew more than anyone else (i.e. anything at all) and so I’m kind of stuck for places to ask this question. Sorry.

Anyway, I’ve got a StartUp project (StartupProjectA) in Visual Studio that references projects A, B and C. I’ve got all of those in SolutionA.

My predecessor has previously added this solution to SourceSafe so that there’s a SolutionA folder in SourceSafe, containing a StartupProjectA folder, and A folder, a B folder and a C folder.

It turns out, though, that StartupProjectB and StartupProjectC all live in the same directory as StartupProjectA on the local machine, so on the PC I’m using I have a GeneralSolution folder which contains a StartupProjectA folder, a StartupProjectB folder, a StartupProjectC folder, and A folder, a B folder and a C folder.

My question is what do I do to get the Solutions for StartupProjectB and StartupProjectC into SourceSafe? I’ve tried adding them, but they all create their own copies of folders A, B and C. What have I missed?

EDIT: Based on Gabriel’s answer:

I’m trying to use the Visual Studio SourceSafe integration to get these solutions into SourceSafe. Doing so creates multiple redundant copies of A, B and C. I would like to have one folder in SourceSafe, containing SPA, SPB, SPC, A, B and C folders. I’m not really sure how to do this, because I can only add entire Solutions to SourceSafe via Visual Studio. There’s no option that I can see for “Add this folder to SourceSafe and recognise that these other three folders are already referenced in the repository and so don’t need to be added.”


If you open StartupProjectB, before adding the solution to sourcesafe, go to File > Source Control > Change Source Control

You should then be able to select each project in the Solution and manually bind it to the project in SourceSafe.

Once done, you should be able to add the Solution to SourceSafe and only the projects that are not already in SS will be added.


Is there any reason those solutions can’t be in the same folder? I usually match the folder structure on the client and in source control.


after adding StartupProjectB to SourceSafe using its UI, open the solution via File->Source Control->Open from Source Control in Visual Studio. This should establish the binding.

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