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I’m starting a database application. The application should connect over http to a mysql database. The application should display the database records table-like. Some dialogs are necessary (reflects a database-record). I’m thinking of a dialog-based MFC application with some functions available via menu and which connects via SOAP to the database. I’m developing on a windows plattform.

Given this scenario, what techniques would you recommend and why?

Some thoughts:

  • Is there something like DAO/ADO via SOAP (can’t imagine but perhaps there is something like that)
  • I have experiences with MFC and C++ but should i still change to .NET and C# because it has built in support for …


C# .NET will allow you to do that in a matter of minutes.
Using VisualStudio you will able able to setup your database application with no hassles and luckily for you, it will also handle the all-important security issues that usually arise from web-based database access.
By the way, you won’t need much C# knowledge to get this done; VisualStudio makes it as simple as dragging and dropping compoments into your Design view. That, and you have a number of webbased tutorials that will make things easier!
Good luck!
EDIT: You might want to take a look at:

They may help you with your project!

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