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I am trying to test to see if an NSString has the letters “PDF” as the first 3 letters:

if (profiles stringForKey:@"response" characterAtIndex:0 isEqualToString:@"P") {

I started with this approach to see if I could at least narrow it down to those strings that start with “P” but I am getting an error on this that reads: “Invalid receiver type ‘unichar'” AND “Cast to pointer from integer of different size”

Am I getting these errors because I am using the isEqualToString comparison? Does that attach the terminating zero to “P”? I tried to use the “==” comparison but I was also getting an error with that method.


if (profiles hasPrefix:@"PDF") {
  NSLog(@"my string starts with \"PDF\"");


You want to use the method substringToIndex instead of characterAtIndex. characterAtIndex is returning a unichar which is not an objective-c object to which isEqualToString can be sent.

Here is something that worked for me:

NSString*   testString  = @"PDFDocument";
NSString*   subString   = testString substringToIndex:3;

if ( subString isEqualToString:@"PDF" == YES )
    NSLog( @"same" );

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