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I’m seeking how to exclude plugins for specific environments. According to GRAILS documentation, starting with 1.3.5 it’s now possible to disable a bunch of plugins. For example, I add the jetty plugin for local testing, but don’t need it for deployment. I try to use the following in Config.groovy:

envname {
        . . .
        plugin {
            excludes =  'tomcat', 'jetty' 

But still, there’s jetty jars in war file.
I tred also

    plugin.excludes =  'tomcat', 'jetty' 

This doesn’t work as well:

plugin.excludes = 'tomcat, jetty'

But also without any luck. Does anybody has a working example? Thanks!
P.S. Of course, war is being packaged with:

grails -Dgrails.env=envname war


I think disabling and excluding aren’t the same thing. In any event, I couldn’t find a reference to what you are saying is possible in 1.3.5. It isn’t in the release notes. I did see this in the 1.1 release notes if you look under Plugin Scopes:

Do you have a link to the 1.3.5 specific info about what you’re trying to achieve?

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