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I have many-2-many relation between Property and Feature. I have to extract results from Property table, but only if both or more Features are related.

Ie. Property #1 is related to ‘Swimming Pool’ and ‘Garden’. Property #2 is related only to ‘Swimming Pool’. So when I ask for properties that has both ‘Swimming Pool’ and ‘Garden’, it should return me only Property #1.

I tried EVERY possible combinations like complex ‘where()’, ‘whereIn’, ‘join… with’, ‘exists()’ etc. but can’t solve it. It either returns me all properties or none, I can’t really remember all the things I have tried. Please, help, I have wasted 8 hours and it is killing me


So, in other words, you want to select all properties that are related to multiple specific features.


function findPropertyForFeatures($features)
  $q = Doctrine_Query::create()->from('Property p');
  $i = 0;
    foreach ($features as $f) 
      $q->innerJoin("p.Feature f$i WITH f$ = {$f->id}");
  return $q->execute();

Features is supposed to be a Doctrine_Collection with the features you wish to join with. Replace $f->id with $f'id' to support a Doctrine array, or with $f if your want to supply a simple array filled with feature IDs.

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