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I was wondering if there was a way to know where the script stopped (ie: file + line), which would be useful for debugging or for removing stupid ‘exit’ calls lost somewhere in the code.

Thanks in advance


Wrong (and I’m sorry for not testing it first): You could use register_shutdown_function in conjunction with debug_backtrace.

See here for a duplicate of your question: Fastest way to determine where PHP script exits .


If you want to remove exit from the script, try using PHP Code Sniffer PEAR package

Just create a sniffer to find out where all the exits are in the code (you get a report of file and line).

If you want to find out what line a script stopped at, use a debugger and you can get a stack trace to find out the last line a script executed too (Xdebug is easy to use and set up). Any debugger is going to severely hinder performance as it needs to manage more memory.


I’m not sure what IDE your using (if any), but this would be trivial using xdebug. I personally use it with netbeans and it works great although it is a bit tricky to setup. It will let you walk through your code step by step and show exactly where it is exiting.

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