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Since I need to create a dynamically updated navigation menu, css requires me to structure the data this way:

<li>Projects (Menu Level 1)
        <li>Project 1 (Menu Level 2)</li>
        <li>Project 2 (Menu Level 2)</li>
        <li>Project 3 (Menu Level 2)</li>
<li>News (Menu Level 1)</li>
<li>Contact (Menu Level 1)</li>

I currently have the data in the following format in an array:

$fore = array(
  '0' => 'NULL',
  '1' => 'element 1 level', // the level in the tree for the following value (0 is for root, 1 is for leaf, 2 is for a leaf of the leaf and so on
  '2' => 'element 1 value', // the actual text that has to appear in the menu
  '3' => 'element 2 level',
  '4' => 'element 2 value'
//and so on

I’ve been trying to do this all day now and I just cant figure out how it should happen. I tried >,< and = and ifs with the levels but there’s just too many combinations .. I’ll be really thankful if someone can help me out here ..


Make your array match the structure of the UI/LI elements so you can iterate through your array and process them in order. You may want to check if the tag changes so you know if you need to echo a closing tag or a new opening tag as you iterate. Right now your structure is so far off you need to place a lot of logic in to decipher between your array and desired output.

This also points back to the source of your array data. If it is coming from a db table then you need to evaluate it’s structure also. Look at where it starts and where it ends, then the middle ground should be simple.

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