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I have an existing database with a users table and questions/answers table. I’d like to use bbpress (or any forum really) as a front end for this for access via the web. Is this possible? Has anyone done this?

Look forward to the responses. Thanks!


EDIT (Taking int consideration your comments):

You can actually do this but it may not be easy.

In first place if you want to access your database remotely you should enable remote acces.

BUT: Unless the databases have exactly the same structure you this will be a very complicated process since you would have to seriously mod the BB forum.

If you dont want them in sync (which would) much easier, you can export you Iphones database and modify it so that it fits into the forum one.

This could take some time but is definitely easier than modifying the forum itself. Everything you “touch” will have consequences.

To sum up, I could recommend you PubBB it is a simple but powerful forum that may easier to manipulate.

Good luck!!

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