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I don’t know if a plugin like that exists but for me will be useful. I’d like a plugin that can extract some text (defined in some way similar to Doxygen) and insert this text into description when a commit is made.

With this plugin, I could document the changes of a source file into the source file and then, the plugin would merge all changes into the description text.

Do exists this plugin?



If you are running in a bash environment, you can achieve that functionality with:

svn stat | cut -c 9- | xargs -L 1 grep -H "TOKEN" >> comment_file.txt
svn ci -F comment_file.txt

You determine what “TOKEN” will be used to tag your documentation lines. The only issue
will be cumulative comments unless you use a unique token for each commit.


As Amardeep said, you can do whatever you like in a script around the svn call. Unfortunately, you can not modify the comments, file attributes, etc., in server hooks.

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