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I am attempting to add a PowerShell cmdlet as an external tool in Visual Studio 2010, but whenever I call the external tool I get:

{foo} cannot be loaded because the
execution of scripts is disabled on
this system. Please see “get-help
about_signing” for more details.

I have already set my system’s execution policy to ‘RemoteSigned’ (I also tried ‘Bypass’), so why is this happening? I am fully able to run that same script if I open up a command line and call it via powershell.exe path\to\script.ps1 (which is exactly what my external tool definition is calling).


Are you running on a x64 system? If so, you have to set the execution for both x86 and x64 PowerShell. You can also pass the ExecutionPolicy directly as a parameter to Powershell (2.0) via the command line:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Command "&{ foo }"

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