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Windows XP shows my Windows Mobile 6 phone (HP iPAQ 514) as “Mobile Device” in “My computer”. Using Windows explorer, I can copy files from/to the device and its storage card.

Which possibilities are there to access these files programmatically? Any way to access them using normal filenames or special paths?

Note that I’m searching for a solution that works with the phone connected via USB, not via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Question is tagged Python, but I’d like to hear any working solution.


To answer the question how you actually do the reading, you’d be looking at the “RAPI” component of Windows – it’s an interface within ActiveSync or Vista’s MDM. RAPI offers the COM interfaces IRAPIDevice and IRAPISession; the latter has a lot of familiar Win32 functions. E.g. You get IRAPISession::CeCreateFile which resembles the familiar CreateFile


The “special paths” you’re looking for exist at Shell level, not the kernel. Therefore, you shouldn’t be using paths from the Win32 kernel namespace (which you linked to), but PIDL ‘s

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