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Is there a Java analogue to Pinax/Django? (Perhaps an extension to Jboss Seam and/or functionality already built into Seam?)

Please analyse and compare Pinax/Django, Seam, and any other good Java/Python frameworks in the following criteria (ranked in order of importance):

  • Security (sensitive financial information)
  • Ability to interact with GWT/JSON-RPC (and possibly Pyjamas, though I’m leaning toward GWT due to the availability of visual design applications)
  • Scalability
  • Built-in functionality / social network backend logic (e.g. user management, “tweets”, etc.)
  • Simplicity in setting up and working with
  • Synergy with Apache, PostgreSQL, GWT, and mobile applications (iPhone and Android)

If possible, a direct recommendation would be appreciated.



you might want to try Apache Shinding

And if you want a youtube demostration try

taken from this thread

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