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is there a way to tell rubygems to always search for remote gems (instead of local)? I tried adding the following line to my ~/.gemrc

gem: --remote

but the problem is, that when i do gem list i get the following result

~$ gem list


- (1)
10io-jekyll (0.7.0)
1234567890_ (1.0)
2Performant (0.0.8)
360_services (1.1.3)
3scale_client (2.2.4)
4info (2.0.0)
6twenty-google_translate (0.0.4)
7digital (0.0.2)

this means that all gem commands now assume that i want to work with remote gems, which isnt exactly what i want to do. can i somehow restrict the --remote option to only apply to the gem search command?

thanks for your answers,


If you add:

search: --remote

to your .gemrc file it defaults to that parameter just for that command.

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