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I am getting the following error when using the hsin function:
org.apache.lucene.queryParser.ParseException: Cannot parse ‘(: AND val:”recip(hsin(12.9365,77.5447,lat,long,3963.205,true), 1, 1, 0)”)’: Unknown function hsin in FunctionQuery(‘recip(hsin(12.9365,77.5447,lat,long,3963.205,true), 1, 1, 0)’, pos=11)

Has anyone faced this issue? Any ideas how I can solve this? I am using solr version 1.4 and have not tried upgrading yet.



hsin and other spatial functions are not available in Solr 1.4.x. Check the Solr wiki.

If you want this feature right now you could use a nightly build directly from the build server.

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