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Why I don’t get any suggestion when I execute this query agains Solr:


I am searching gasal and it should suggest gasol.
Thanks in advance


By default, the spellchecker works by taking the indexed content of a source field (in Solr) and store into an external Lucene index. That external index is the dictionary. Each words of the source field are stored in the dictionary in a format that allows to match words that are closed to each other. When asking for suggestions, Solr will look into that dictionary, NOT into the Solr index.

So in order for the dictionary to be built, you have to specify the source field. It should be defined in your schema using an appropriate analyzer (usually no stemming). That field should contain enough words to built a good dictionary. A good practice is to populate it from your text fields using copyfield instructions.

Then, the dictionary have to be built. This is the operation where the content of the source field is taken to build the actual dictionary. It can be done automatically at each commit or manually using the “build” parameter.

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