How Technology Changed Education? 10 Good Reasons to Believe that the Future is Here!

Technology has totally changed our lives and it has also changed the scenario of a whole education system i.e Technology Changed Education. Education has not changed the way it’s been centuries ago, but in the contemporary world; education has become quite easy and understandable with logic and proves.

A student doesn’t have to ask so many questions to his/her teachers to understand the subject, rather he/she can go through Internet search engine and learn everything on his own. Technology has become a very common thing in today’s world, due to which technology is used for every purpose be it personal or professional life. What I mean by education is the way we study at schools, colleges, and universities.

Kids are nowadays getting introduced to computers from their childhood days so that they could easily know how to use computers and do various other things of daily life like banking work and different assignments with a lot of help either by using internet or some computer software programs.

Technology has changed our lives in today’s world; instead of easier information retrieval methods over textbooks during our study-time, we go online and learn it all there.

In general, everybody knows that the education system is not so good as compared to the present world where everything is getting updated with technology at a fast pace.

Education is very important in everybody’s life but nowadays we don’t even know how to educate ourselves like before, whereas everything has become easier with technology. Education doesn’t mean that you go through lectures or books only, rather nowadays education department in every college has opened up websites for their students so that they can find out anything over the internet instead of asking a professor or searching from the huge pile of books they gave us during our course of study.

What I mean by technology are the internet and computers. Without these both, it would not be easy to carry out the education system we study in schools, colleges, or universities. So if anyone wants to get updated with education means that he/she have to learn everything from the recent technological invention called as ‘internet’ where google is your best friend who can answer all of your questions regarding anything you want to know about anything.

Technology Changed Education

10 Reasons How Technology Changed Education Completely

1. Lectures can be recorded on computers, stored, and listened to whenever needed.

2. Students can learn at their own pace with audio lectures when they’re ready and available which helps them learn the material well [for every student].

3. Students don’t have to ask too many questions to teachers anymore because they already know answers from a database (google).

4. There is no need for laptops as being used by students now; as Technology Changed Education just a smartphone and an internet connection can do more than what Laptops/PCs are doing now!

5. Online courses are easy to access on mobile devices such as phones and tablets wherever you go, just like YouTube videos that anyone can watch anytime anywhere, online free education video courses also have the same feature.

6. Online courses are much cheaper than going to a conventional college/university or school where you don’t even learn practical information but only theory!

7. These online education video courses help students to get better knowledge because they can do all assignments at home or anywhere when they’re ready and available easily with an internet connection, which helps them learn more in less time!

8. The best part is that there’s no limit or restrictions like schedule or timings, you just need an internet connection from your computer and be on Gmail chat with professors anytime you want to ask any question and get answers instantly! Now We Have Zoom Calls as Well.

9. You might not have noticed it yet, however, technology has killed the traditional textbooks (compared to the new technological invention called as ‘internet’)! but yes, Technology Changed Education in a Very Good and Meaning Full Way

10. There’s a lot of work done by students and employers, but now it’s possible even for a student to do all his teachers’ work easily at home while watching TV or during any free time he/she has.

In the end, I would like to say that using these technologies (to get updated with education) is very important because education will be futile without technology, we need both, which can help us in getting better knowledge about anything!

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